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Most of the time Scammers use different tactics and method to get your personal data or Facebook account.  They send you notification like “your page is scheduled for deletion” for violating community standard standards. After that Then they request users to click on a link automatically to “Cancel the deletion,” or the page will be deleted.

So, in their message they can send you, “your page will be deleted within 48 hours or 24 hours, and If we do not receive an appeal within 24 hours from your account we have to respect the decision mentioned above! Thank you for your cooperation”. So, if you click on the link they send you your account can be hacked by scammer

To protect such like activities follow the following Solution:

  1. Give attention to the web address you use. A legit Facebook official page always start with
  2. Keep Your personal information: don’t share your personal information online
  3. Never clicks on a link which sent to you from unknown sources
  4. If you need help, turn to Facebook official help

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