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How Our Facebook Post can reach More People?

The followings are some strategies we have to follow in order to reach more people by our Facebook post.

  1. Reducing Reposting of the same content: this means that if you have published a post once and it is popular, you should bring new content and it is not right to re-post the same thing.
2.    Regularly Posting: this means that some People only post once a week, and some post once a month,then our Facebook n is forgotten. Therefore, it is best to post 2-5 posts per day.
3.    We need to Know when to post: Many people are silent and post what happens to them. This is not right. Therefore, after conducting research on what hours our followers use the Internet, what hours they can see if I post my posts, we post at the hours when our followers are most interested.
4.    Following Facebook Community Guideline: This means that if our Posts violate Facebook Rules, facebook will restrict Us so that our posts do not reach as many people as possible. This means that our publications do not reach many people.
So we should be careful of Pictures as well as words that are not polite and do not follow the rules of Facebook.
5.    Identifying Feeling of our followers: We need to know the kind of people our publications will benefit, that is, the kind of people we are publishing about. We have to work based on the needs of our whatever we post we have to center on the needs of our customers or followers


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