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How to make Money from telegram

Telegram is a well-known platform and we can make a money from this platform through different ways

Let us see the following ways which help us to earn money from telegram

1st way: By selling your products and services

This is happen by sharing and introducing your products or someone products to your group members.

This include selling by using telegram bots, and announcing your products with its market value and you can link your payment method.

2nd way: By selling :Ads: in this method if your telegram group have more than 50k members, you can easily sell any promotional posts with links to other Telegram channel owners. Often, the price of advertising depends on a few factors: duration of number of channel members and promo.

Prices can be between somewhere between 1-48 hours long promo publication. The shorter time – the small price

3rd Way: by selling your channel: This step is the step at which you sell your telegram channel to someone. In this way you can get a money by selling your channel depend up on numbers of your telegram subscribers.

4th way: By using Paid Subscription: In this step if you have partner (Subscriber ) for your channel and your channel contains many subscribers, your members can pay some amount of money for being your subscriber and he/ she can pay some amount of money for your channel monthly or yearly.  So you can get money through subscription.


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